How Hard Is It To Lose? Pt. 2

It’s October 2nd and this is the last game of the season for both the Arizona Diamondbacks and the San Diego Padres. The D-BACKS have already won the series and the teams are tied for the worst record in the National League (NL). The Diamondbacks are looking to sweep the series and place 12th in the national league. It seems like the best thing for the team. That’s much better than finishing 15th (last) in the NL. I’m an avid Diamondbacks fan and I LOVE to see them win but, here’s the thing, If the D-BACKS win this game they receive the 7th draft pick come June. BUT, if they lose this game, they receive the THIRD draft pick. THIRD.

The game begins with a scoreless first inning. The top of the second remains scoreless but the D-BACKS bring in a run in the bottom of the second. Okay, I suppose it’s alright to get on the board. It’s only the second inning. The third inning is scoreless and the Padres score a run in the top of the fourth. The game is tied. The game remains tied through the sixth inning as both teams are unable to bring in any runs. In the top of the seventh, the Padres reach home plate. Yes! The Padres have taken the lead. I never thought I would root against my team. But, it isn’t like we’re making it to the postseason or anything, this is about the draft. The Diamondbacks fail to score in the bottom of the seventh and the Padres do the same in the top pf the eighth. It’s the bottom of the eighth and what do you know, the D-BACKS bring in a run. So, the game is tied again. Whoopee. We head into the top of the ninth and the Padres again fail to get a run. Is there about to be free baseball? Are we going to head into extras? Nope. The Diamondbacks bring in pinch hitter, Phil Gosselin, who hits a walk-off RBI single to win the game. Maybe that’s why the D-BACKS ended up trading Gosselin?

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