How Hard Is It To Lose? Pt. 1

In 2016, the Arizona Diamondbacks didn’t exactly have a great season. As the D-BACKS approached the end of the season, they were fighting to not receive the record of the worst National League team through that season. The last series that Arizona competed in was at home against the San Diego Padres. Before this series, the Padres were sitting at a record of sixty-eight wins and ninety-one losses and the D-BACKS were holding a record of sixty-six wins and ninety-three losses. The Diamondbacks NEEDED to win. I mean, who wants to hold the worst record in the league? That isn’t exactly a good thing.

The three-game series began on September 30th. The D-BACKS started off strong with one run scored in the bottom of the first and two more runs brought in in the bottom of the third while the Padres remained scoreless. The top of the fourth inning, though, took a bit of a twist when the San Diego Padres slammed in three runs. The fifth inning remained scoreless and then the D-BACKS jumped ahead bringing in two runs in the bottom of the sixth. The rest of the game remained scoreless and the Diamondbacks’ record improved to 67-93, putting the Padres at 68-92.

Into the next game of the series on October 1st. Would the D-BACKS tie the Padres for the worst record in the national league? That’s exactly what they did. The Diamondbacks came out of the first inning with five runs scored, that’s tacos, baby. The Padres drove in one run in the second and another in the third. The D-BACKS followed by bringing in two runs in the fifth and another in the seventh. In the eighth, it looked as though the Padres may start a rally and make a comeback after scoring three runs. The rally ended there as the D-BACKS brought in another run in the eight and the game remained scoreless to finish the ninth. The Diamondbacks and Padres were tied for the worst record in the national league.

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