Our Broken Pitchers

Injuries seem to come a dime a dozen when it comes to baseball. It seems that the players that typically get hurt are usually key players or very talented and valuable additions to the team. Noah Syndergaard, Madison Baumgarner, and Shelby Miller are the focus of the injuries so far this season. Each one of theses pitchers are hard to find replacements for.

Noah Syndergaard is a pitcher for the New York Mets. He was approaching the record of the most strikeouts pitched without giving up a walk. The highest record is held by St. Louis Cardinals pitcher, Adam Wainwright with thirty-five strikeouts. Noah let go of the record after he had struck out thirty-two batters. He let out a walk in the same game that he was injured. He tore his lat and will miss a minimum of two months of the season.

Madison Baumgarner is one very talented man, as I have mentioned before. He is very important to the success of the San Francisco Giants. On April twentieth Madison was riding a dirt bike and crashed. He suffered from bruised ribs and an injury to his shoulder. He is expected to return to the season in as soon as two months.

Shelby Miller is a recent addition to the Arizona Diamondbacks. He came to the team before spring training in 2016 from the Atlanta Braves. Shelby Miller did very well for the Braves but, his first season with D-BACKS wasn’t as hot. He finished the 2015 season with Braves with an ERA of 3.02. In his first season with Arizona, he pitched an ERA of 6.15. This season though, he was looking better on the mound and I had hope for him until he left a game with forearm tightness. After multiple opinions from multiple doctors, it was decided that he would have Tommy John surgery and that his season was over. Shelby stated that he hopes to be back and pitching again in spring training in 2018.

Image From: http://www.clipartlord.com/category/medical-clip-art/bandage-clip-art/


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